Help Yourself Food Pantry
In June of 2021 we started a "Help Yourself Food Pantry" at the church.  The food pantry is open to anyone who is experiencing a food shortage with no questions asked.  We welcome donated items to stock the food pantry year round.  Some of the items in need are:

  • Canned meats

  • Canned fruits and vegetables

  • Soups

  • Cereals

  • Rice

  • Dry pastas

  • Peanut Butter

  • Other non-perishable & shelf stable items

Items that go unused or are nearing expiration in the food pantry will be donated to our local Hawaii Food Basket pantry.  Please check the expiration date of any donated items to ensure they are not nearing expiration before donating them.  We are looking for someone in the congregation to chair this new ministry.  If you are interested in heading this ministry please reach out to Pastor Chris.