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First United Protestant Church is committed to the advancement of music and art. We started an organ restoration project is an important cornerstone of that commitment, but this project is on hold until further notice.

Our pipe organ was going through a restoration project.  In April of 2019 our church council approved a project that would retain the current console shell with a new digital operating system, state of the art mechanisms, new pipe work within two console chambers, and will address repair and maintenance issues that have occurred over time due to age. 

The project was being headed by Michael Springer, our organist, and Jim Gruber, an organ specialist from Maui.  The total cost of the restoration project was not to exceed $105,000.00.  The church did receive an Atherton Grant of $10,000.00 to put toward the restoration project, and was looking to raise funds from donors to support this initiative. 

Our church is used throughout the year for concerts and recitals, and the organ restoration project was thought to ensure the long legacy of the church’s commitment to music and the arts will continue for decades to come. Due to COVID the restoration was put on an indefinite hold.

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